Cumbria & Lancashire

  • June 22, 2015
Cumbria & Lancashire

The week started with a couple of day’s off in Whitehaven. I was joined by a friend and we managed to explore a small part of the lakes around Coniston, coming back over an incredibly steep and windy pass which I was more than thankful I wasn’t having to cycle over ! Whitehaven is an interesting old mining town with much history bringing it home to one the extreme hardship, poverty and fear encountered down the mines, especially for the children, some as young as 6 years old.

After a good rest we set off once again in the relentless rain ever southwards stopping in Millom and then climbing up and down the southern part of the lakes to Barrow and then Ulverston and along the edge of Morecambe Bay to Grange over Sands. The bay seemed to stretch forever out to the water’s edge with vast expanses of rather treacherous looking marshland and sandy mud – even Oscar seemed a little unsure of the terrain though he did his fair share of mud hopping ! It is a very unsafe piece of coastline with the tide coming in behind whilst seemingly still a long way out.

The last of the Cumbrian hills behind us we wound our way down the coast to Morecambe  ( where I treated myself to a much needed hair cut – was looking a little wild and woolly ! ) and then a very wet ride onto Blackpool – at least there was little wind and the roads were flat !  A day off in Blackpool – seeing the sights and soaking up the holiday atmosphere as the sun at last decided to shine. I think I have now seen more than my fair share of candy floss, popcorn, rock, hot dogs, bling and even ice cream ! Think I could be tempted back to the ice cream in a day or two though !

Oscar also celebrated his 8th birthday – a bone and couple of doggy treats. The next week will hopefully see us into Wales – another adventure ahead !

I would like to thank all my supporters and followers for their continued comments and feedback – please keep it coming – it is a great morale boost and keeps me going especially when things are tough and I’m feeling tired and at times dispirited ! A special huge thank you also to Dog Friendly who have been amazing with all their help and support with accommodation and just generally keeping in touch – always a cheerful voice at the end of the phone! Also to Salters who keep Oscar well fed and healthy with regular dog food parcels. Thank you all !

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Patiently waiting !


Enjoying a windy walk on Blackpool beach



Time for a nap – bored of sightseeing !


An influx of jellyfish



The Blackpool tram