Back into Devon and onto Dorset

  • August 10, 2015
Back into Devon and onto Dorset

This week we left Cornwall and travelled into South Devon .  The weather was good and we had a lovely few days cycling, visiting Plymouth – via the Torpoint Ferry – to Totnes and then on to Exeter.

There were tough hills to climb especially around Teignmouth and Dawlish ( also regatta week so very busy ! ) but a wonderful cycle on the Exe Valley Trail all the way to Exeter along the banks of the River Exe,where we stayed with friends.

We had a beautiful ride through the country lanes to a little village, Musbury, near Honiton – a couple of very challenging hills but  wonderful countryside with tiny little villages scattered in the valleys. It was warm and sunny – a real ‘good to be alive ‘ day, virtually traffic free apart from the farmers going about their daily work on the fields, the smell of newly harvested wheat filling the air.  A newly hatched swarm of flying ants, however, was far from welcome getting in my mouth, up my nose, inside my helmet and covering poor Oscar . Mercifully, they soon evaporated and we could move on unhindered by the invasion !

Negotiating the ever increasing holiday traffic into Bridport was a tricky and unpleasant journey, but the town was lovely with a lively atmosphere bustling with happy holidaymakers enjoying the wonderful sunshine. . Oscar was rewarded with a  walk over the fields to the beach for a long swim and play with some new friends ! Needless to say, an ice cream was in order too !

Now in Dorset, we were joined by friends from Suffolk for the weekend  – a wonderful relaxing time exploring the Jurassic coast. A fascinating coastline with it’s steep jagged cliffs, little bays and coves.

At long last the worst of the hills are behind us and it is off along the south coast towards Portsmouth ( via the Isle of Wight )  for next weekend with some lovely flat stretches to look forward to !

Many thanks to Kate’s Farm B&B for looking after Maggie and Oscar on Thursday night last week!

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