1 WOMAN – 1 DOG – 1 BIKE –  5000 MILES

If fundraising is top sport, Maggie Scorer will certainly be facing quite a challenge in March 2015.

Brought up in the coastal Suffolk town of Orford, this 65 year old mother of four and grandmother of 8 already leads a very busy life. A landscape gardener, B&B owner and ferry(wo)man at Butley Ferry, Maggie still finds time to potter about on her sailing boat on the river Ore and Alde and compete in weekly races at the local yacht club.
Of course, she always has the company of her faithful companion Oscar –  a keen tail-wagger and fetcher-of-sticks.  Oscar is a seven year old Golden Retriever who has already accompanied Maggie sailing halfway around the world. Together, they plan to take on their next challenge head (or wheel) first.

For this next feat, a fundraising motivation is at heart – the ultimate goal being to raise £25,000, in aid of two very personal causes – LEUKAEMIA AND LYMPHOMA RESEARCH  and SANDS.
Maggie’s son-in-law suffers from a blood cancer disorder called Myelofibrosis. Blood disorders affect someone in the UK every 20 minutes. He received a life-saving bone marrow transplant through the Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity and bone marrow register.  LLR is a leading charity researching all types of blood cancers in order to improve the lives of all patients suffering from blood cancers such as Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma.
Sands stillbirth & neonatal death charity is pushing campaigns to help prevent unnecessary stillbirths, of which 17 happen everyday in the UK. Their dedicated care for mothers who suffer such terrible losses is vital, and all of this requires funding too.

Starting in March 2015, Maggie will spend five months of her life cycling around Britain’s coastline, covering some 5000 miles. Having always explored the coast from the sea, she plans to see it from land. Naturally, Oscar will be at hand to offer encouragement during the moments of strain whilst he’s comfortably seated in a Dutch-designed ‘Doggie Ride’ attached to the back of the bike. She will be doing the trip solo and  un-supported although she hopes that family and friends will join her and Oscar for days along the way.

Maggie will start in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, cycling anti-clockwise around the coast of Great Britain and Scotland. She is hoping to be back in Aldeburgh by the end of August. Based on ca. 30 miles a day, the whole trip will take her (with a bit of luck and the Great British ‘summer’ weather permitting) 5 months. She’ll overnight in B&B’s, with friends, or in her own words -“any old barn will do”.

As the date draws nearer, local radio stations and newspapers will be informed about time and date of the start and updates will be given along the route. Maggie will write a blog, and can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

Detailed information about making a donation can be found on her website: